Description of Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer 3D kart driving game. You will participate in an extremely brutal arena. Use combat weapons and destroy all opponents around you. This is an extremely fun online game, you can play quickly or create a room to compete or you can also play with your group of friends. You need to control your car skillfully to collect random boxes with random weapons in them. Use them to destroy surrounding players before you are targeted by them.

Attractive accessories

When you start the match you can customize your driver character to your preferences. You can browse in the store to buy attractive and unique karts and accessories to create your own style. However, you need to earn enough money to be able to own the gifts in the store. Additionally, you can unlock them when you gain new levels. You can also use the claw machine to find your favorite items just like in a store. How to use is that you use the lottery ticket you can check to play the slot machine. Try to use your picking skills correctly to get valuable gifts. In addition, you can play Geometry Tile Rush after completing the missions of this game to perform new missions and new experiences of this fast-paced music game.



  • WASD keys: Control the direction of your kart (W for forward, A for left, S for backward, D for right).
  • Arrow keys: Can also be used for controlling direction (Up for forward, Left for left, Down for backward, Right for right).
  • Space key: Fires your equipped weapon.


  • Left arrow: Turn left.
  • Right arrow: Turn right.
  • Bottom controls: Stop/Reverse.
  • Touch the weapon icon on the right: Shoot weapon.

Note: These are the default controls. You can customize them in the game's settings.