Pizza Tower is an exciting 2D fast-paced game newly released in 2023. Try to quickly climb the tower to avoid the pizzeria from being destroyed.

A few words about the game Pizza Tower

In recent times, Pizza Tower has stood out as one of the most enjoyable and refreshing platformers. It boasts an unforgettable and distinct art style, accompanied by impeccable animations. The platforming mechanics are immensely satisfying, offering a sense of accomplishment with every successful leap. The level design is delightfully creative, providing a constant stream of surprises and challenges. The game also delivers a lighthearted sense of humor that adds to the overall joyous experience.

Instructions for playing Pizza Tower

Peppino Spaghetti

In this platformer, players take control of Peppino Spaghetti as he navigates through a tower comprising multiple floors. Each floor consists of four levels and a boss encounter, except for Floor 5, which features three levels and a boss. Within each level, five adorable creatures called Toppins, resembling pizza toppings, are trapped and must be rescued.

Peppino Spaghetti can body slam adversaries from above, which not only defeats them but also removes obstacles in his path. Another move at his disposal is the Grab Dash, allowing him to grab enemies and launch them as projectiles. Additionally, Peppino can perform a Mach Run, significantly boosting his speed, and enabling him to run up walls, and stunning foes. Similar to Wario Land 4's Dash Attack, Peppino can smash most blocks by running into them. Furthermore, he can execute a Super Jump, akin to Super Metroid's Shinespark, propelling him upward while obliterating any barriers until he reaches a ceiling or exits the area.

Unlock levels

By freeing the Toppins, players earn valuable currency and points necessary to access the boss stages. Additionally, players must locate and escort the janitor Gerome to the entrance, enabling the unlocking of doors that hide hidden treasures on each level. Furthermore, most levels contain three secret rooms, which present quick challenges, offer extra points, and enhance the overall completion of the level.

How to controls

It is also a fast-paced game like Geometry Dash World, but the gameplay and keys will be different.

  • Press the Z key to select and start the game.
  • Use the arrow keys to move and navigate ladders.
  • Press the X key to charge.
  • Press the Z key to jump.
  • To perform a high jump, press Up and Z simultaneously.
  • While falling, press the Down key to enter freefall mode.

Bosses at the end of each level

The game features several formidable bosses that await at the end of each level. To overcome them, you must discover their weaknesses.

  • The first boss is Pepperman, a hulking figure clad in red with white gloves and sneakers. As a skilled boxer, his attacks pack a powerful punch. Engaging in direct combat with him can be risky, as a single combo can cost you a life. Your best strategy is to evade his assaults and seize opportunities to strike back. Surprisingly, despite his tough exterior, Pepperman has an appreciation for art. Creating a statue of him will captivate his attention, providing a chance to launch a counterattack.
  • The second boss, known as Cheeseslime, dons a cowboy hat and goes by the name Vigilante. Prepare for a thrilling shootout as you face off against this formidable foe. Swiftly eliminate the enemies before they can retaliate. Beware of the ghostly presence of John E Cheese, who supports the second boss and can catch you off guard.
  • The third boss, The Noise Pizza Tower, may appear as an ordinary short gremlin but don't be fooled by his diminutive stature. He possesses incredible speed, making it challenging to land hits. With a mischievous demeanor that taunts others, he certainly deserves to be defeated on the battlefield.