Introducing Geometry Dash Scratch

Join Geometry Dash Scratch, where you can test your reflex speed. Rush forward without breaking, overcoming countless obstacles to complete the levels. This fan-made version of the original game. This game will take you on a journey where three main missions await your skillful navigation. To continue your journey to conquer Geometry Dash games you can visit Geometry Dash World to enjoy countless new games created by fan players.


  • Press an up arrow key, spacebar, or left mouse button to make the character jump or fly.
  • Press the Z key to set checkpoints along the way.
  • Press the X key to remove checkpoints.

Your mission in the game

Keep the Geometry Character Safe

Your foremost task is to guide the geometry character to the finish line while safeguarding it from various hazards strewn across the tracks. The journey is fraught with obstacles, and you must tackle them with precision. Here's a rundown of the dangers you'll encounter:

  • Spikes: Sharp, stationary objects on the ground, walls, or ceilings.
  • Sawblades: Rotating blades found in different locations.
  • Moving Obstacles: Blocks and spikes that move, requiring quick thinking to avoid.
  • Breakable Blocks: Blocks that can be destroyed by hitting them or activating triggers.
  • Fake Blocks: Traps you must leap over, as standing on them is a no-go.
  • To conquer these challenges, split-second decision-making, impeccable timing, and finger dexterity are your allies.

Fly or Jump Through Portals

Portals in Geometry Dash Scratch can be both exciting and perilous. They can alter the speed, appearance, and gravity of your character, adding an extra layer of challenge to your journey:

  • Teleportation Portals: Rare portals that teleport you to a distant location.
  • Form Portals: Transform your character into distinct forms like Cube, Wave, Robot, Ball, UFO, Spider, and Ship.
  • Speed Portals: Adjust your character's speed, either increasing or decreasing it.
  • Gravity Portals: Change the direction of gravity, challenging your spatial awareness.
  • Size Portal: Alter the size of your character, with purple and green portals providing different effects.

Collect Keys and Gold Coins

Your final mission involves collecting keys and gold coins strewn across the adventure. Search for three secret coins hidden behind obstacles, requiring careful planning due to their tricky locations. A key, another collectible, unlocks treasure chests containing new characters and opens up new paths. Keep an eye out for these valuable items as you explore enchanting lands.

Levels in Geometry Dash Scratch

The game offers three unique levels, each presenting its own set of challenges that will put your quick reflexes and fingers to the test. You get to choose any level you want, making the adventure yours to explore.

The Seven Seas

Dive into the enchanting first level, The Seven Seas, where you'll embark on an exploration of deep purple seas. The underwater world is both beautiful and perilous, filled with spikes and fearsome monsters. Beware of the monsters, as they bite if you collide with them. Navigate your character skillfully, avoiding these dangers to reach the end of the sea. As you journey through the sea, enjoy the captivating music produced by DESTROYER, adding a delightful touch to your adventure.

Viking Arena

Your next stop is the challenging Viking Arena, an area filled with lava pools, dragons, hot spikes, and sawblades. Brace yourself for the appearance of a giant dragon that unleashes fiery attacks. To survive, you must skillfully fly down to evade the fire. Beware of a horde of dragons chasing you, requiring swift running or flying at a crazy speed. The catchy soundtrack, produced by F-777, adds to the thrill of navigating this fiery arena.

Airborne Robots

The final frontier of your adventure is Airborne Robots, considered the most challenging level in the game. This level takes the difficulty up a notch with a complex arrangement of obstacles. From spikes and moving platforms to gravity portals, the level throws a variety of challenges your way. The obstacles are intricately combined, testing your ability to read and react to multiple elements simultaneously. Navigating through this level demands intense focus and concentration to conquer the intricate sequences of obstacles without making mistakes.