Geometry Dash is a fun game that helps you test your patience. Guide the colorful orbs straight forward and don't let them touch anything on the way.

Learn about the classic game Geometry Dash

History of the game

RobTop has delivered an extraordinary gaming experience with the full version of Geometry Dash, consisting of 21 exhilarating levels. But that's not all, you will be more surprised when you continue with the dynamic side version that is Geometry Dash World. Brace yourself for a stormy adventure as you explore these additional levels, each offering its own unique challenges and captivating interactive elements. The visuals are flawlessly executed, creating a cohesive and meaningful aesthetic throughout the game. Additionally, the physics in Geometry Dash are accurately implemented, ensuring a fair and consistent gameplay experience. It's no surprise that this game earns a well-deserved 10 out of 10 rating, delivering unexpected surprises and endless enjoyment.

Cross-platform game

This cross-platform arcade runner game seamlessly combines stunning pixel art, captivating chiptune music, and a thrilling athletic vibe to create an unforgettable gaming experience. The game presents a formidable level of difficulty that will put your skills to the test. However, instead of discouraging players, this challenging nature fuels an addictive and immersive gameplay experience. As you navigate each level, your primary objective is to master the art of precise jumping, allowing your square character to conquer the platforming obstacles that lie ahead.

Conquer Geometry Dash with each rhythm

You take control of a simple square geometric figure but don't be fooled by its simplicity. This game offers a wide array of customization options, allowing you to purchase skin icons and upgrades using the points you score. With a vast range of symbols available, you'll find yourself replaying levels to unlock them all. From squares and rockets to sticky circles, spiders, UFOs, arrows, and robots, each shape presents unique positions and demands a shift in focus and click tempo. Every level offers a fresh experience, ensuring that boredom is nowhere to be found.

Geometry Dash will train you to be persistent

Face every challenge

Seeking extra motivation to delve into the world of user-generated levels? Look no further. Geometry Dash offers a variety of challenges, including Daily Challenge levels and map packs featuring thematically related levels. With various ways to discover new and enjoyable levels, you'll always have fresh content to explore. If you prefer a more targeted approach, utilize the search feature to find levels based on specific criteria such as length or difficulty rating.

Practice diligently

In practice mode, you have the option to generate checkpoints manually or automatically. However, it's worth noting that the default automated method may not always function optimally. The concept behind checkpoints is simple: when you make a mistake, you restart the level from the last checkpoint rather than having to start over entirely. The issue arises when the automated method sets checkpoints too frequently, causing frustration as you repeatedly witness your avatar crashing until another checkpoint is reached or you attempt to remove the current one. Removing checkpoints can be challenging since it can only be done while your avatar is alive.