Geometrical Dash is a challenging fast-paced music game. You will control an icon and explore the world of music. How long will you survive in this game?

Instructions on how to play

When you start the game you can choose the country and icon you want like a geometric block or rocket icon. Sharp spikes and walls are blocking your path. It would help if you tried not to let the symbol collide with spikes and hard walls. If you let them touch you, you will be turned into broken pieces and the game will end.

When you want to end the game, you can select the running icon on the right corner of the screen. You can mark the point where you lost your life by selecting the diamond icon. Every time you lose a life somewhere, you will start over at that point. If you don't mark it, you'll start over from the beginning. In addition, to experience more, you can try playing Geometry Dash World. In this game there are up to 10 exciting levels that allow you to have more opportunities to challenge yourself.


  • Press the spacebar or touch the screen to jump. Jump continuously by holding the jump button.

Attractive features


The levels in this game are high-speed and you need to try to concentrate to overcome its challenges. This game has only 6 unique levels. Each level will have different challenges. The first level will be the easiest for you to get used to the fast pace. The difficulty level will be gradually upgraded as the level increases. At the second level, you will have more help, it will help your icon to bounce higher, and this will be an advantage. However, it can also be counterproductive because it can cause you to hit the wall and end the game easily.


There are many new avatars in the store for you to choose from, but they haven't all been unlocked yet. You need to use the gold coins you collect after completing each mission to buy your favorite avatar. Buy geometric blocks to help you jump over dangerous obstacles. Buying rockets will help you fly over high walls and roads with many spikes.