Description of Spooky Dash

In Spooky Dash, players will control a character in a spooky world. The player's task is to overcome levels full of obstacles to the rhythm of the music. The player will control a small character through levels full of obstacles to the rhythm of the song. Players need to avoid obstacles and collect coins to unlock new characters and game modes. Players just need to press the screen to jump and avoid obstacles. The levels are designed with spooky Halloween graphics, including ghost trees, skulls, spiders, and witches.

A few notes for you


  • Moving blocks
  • Sharp spikes
  • Deep holes
  • Traps

Tips when playing

  • Listen to the rhythm of the song to dance at the right time.
  • Focus on the screen to avoid obstacles.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to move faster and easier.
  • Use support items to overcome difficult levels.
  • Upgrade your character to increase your ability to overcome challenges.