Geometry Dash Electrodynamix is a difficulty level rated 12 stars. Is one of the hardest levels known for its fast-paced and elusive gameplay.

Description of the Electrodynamix level

  • The Electrodynamix level is a fast-paced level, with electronic music in the background. It has many difficult obstacles, including circles, diamonds, and blocks. The level also has some special effects, such as flashing lights and sound waves.
  • The Electrodynamix level is rated as one of the most difficult levels in the game. It is rated 12 stars, with 3 user coins. This level has been challenged and completed by many players, but it is still a big challenge for many.
  • The level takes place in an industrial environment, with obstacles such as machines, lasers, and spikes. The level is played with the song "Electrodynamix" by RobTop. The song has a fast and energetic beat, suitable for the level's gameplay.

How to pass the Electrodynamix level?


  • Machines are moving obstacles that can damage your character if you collide with them.
  • Lasers are obstacles that shoot laser beams, which can damage your character if you pass through them.
  • Spikes are sharp obstacles that can damage your character if you touch them.


Players use a character form to move through obstacles. The shape can jump by pressing the up or down button, and it can fly by pressing and holding the up button. Players must avoid obstacles such as electric bars, steel wires, and support pillars and collect coins to receive bonus points.