Description of Silent Clubstep

Geometry Dash Silent Clubstep is an extremely difficult level and a remake of the main level Clubstep. It ranks as the 3rd hardest Extreme Demon in the game. It is second only to Tartarus and Bloodlust. The game was created by Sailent and is rated 10 stars. The level is 1 minute 27 seconds long and contains 10,906 objects. It used to be one of the most hated levels in Geometry Dash, but it has since become more popular with the updated version. Silent Clubstep is an extremely difficult level and requires a lot of skill and patience to complete. It is a challenge for the best Geometry Dash players.

The level starts with a series of curves and then moves on to straight lines and spirals. It has several difficult sections, including one with quick curves and one with twisted spirals. Next is a section of the middle section with difficult piers and bridges. The hardest part of the level is the final part, which consists of a series of difficult jumps and twists.

Difficult challenges

  • Sections are difficult to read with loops and rapid movements
  • Sections that require high precision, such as performance sections and devil dance sections
  • Random parts, such as shake parts and pull parts