Description of Geometry Dash Polargeist

Geometry Dash Polargeist is a fairly easy level to pass but not easy for new players. This level is about a minute long and has a difficulty level of 2.1. Polargeist's gameplay is similar to other levels in Geometry Dash. The player controls a square and must overcome obstacles by jumping, gliding, and spinning. Polargeist introduces the yellow jump ring, which begins to expand the level of jump challenges, especially in the second blockchain. The single-ship sequence takes place between 34% and 47%. The level is also considered a milestone in the development of Geometry Dash, as it was the first level to have normal difficulty.


Use your left-click or the up arrow key to control your character as you leap through the obstacles.

Secret Coins

First Coin (44%)

  • Take control of the ship.
  • Fly close to the ceiling, avoiding suspended blocks.
  • Spot the sneaky coin protected by blocks below - grab it!
  • Descend carefully to avoid a surprise block.

Second Coin (63%)

  • Playing as the cube, slide down columns.
  • Jump up platforms, but here's the trick.
  • Slide off the fourth platform onto a brief line platform.
  • Quickly jump onto another line platform and slip through an exposed section of a column.

Third Coin (77%)

  • As the cube, navigate beneath overhead spikes.
  • Time a precise jump to avoid an incoming spike ASAP.
  • Discover a hidden gravity pad next to the platform.