Geometry Dash The Nightmare is a fast-paced game of navigating blocks through levels. Any game is a challenging game with a brutal 'Demon' difficulty.

Learn about the origins of Geometry Dash The Nightmare

It is the second level in Demon Pack 3. The level was created early in the game's history (2013) and is the third-ranked Demon level in the game. The level was later updated to be significantly more difficult and to have additional visual effects.

The level takes place in a dark and scary environment, with obstacles including spikes, saws, and rapidly moving blocks. The level is of medium difficulty, with a completion rate of around 10%. The level was appreciated for its graphics and visual effects. It is also considered one of the easiest Demon levels in the game.


  • To make your character jump, press [up], [w], [space], [ctrl], [shift], or click. Use this action to leap over obstacles and reach yellow rings.
  • Watch out for spikes - touching them is not your friend!
  • When you're in ship mode, hold the jump button to go up and release it to go down. It's not too hard, so don't worry!
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high. If you find a blue pad, it'll send you even higher (just watch out for missing gravity portals).
  • For extra points, grab the coins scattered around the level.
  • If you want to reduce lag, press 'L' to toggle effects on or off.
  • Want to reduce lag even more? Press 'B' to toggle the background.

How to overcome challenges at difficult levels

How to play

  • Moving forward, you'll enter a mirrored cube sequence that's straightforward with jumps that aren't too tricky. In the middle, things switch back to normal.
  • After that, get ready for another ball sequence. Change gravity wisely to dodge obstacles and make sure to adjust before entering the portal to avoid a crash.
  • Entering the cube portal, a yellow pad propels you into a ship portal. Navigate through pillars made of invisible blocks like a ship, using small colored blocks as guides. Watch out for an invisible spike on the last block before entering a cube portal.
  • The subsequent ship part adds a twist with a gravity switch in the middle. Fall through blocks and face another cube sequence with a gap in the middle. The final ship sequence involves flying upside-down through pillars.
  • Now, a ball sequence with gravity portals follows. Flip gravity to cross gaps, and after this part, the extension begins.
  • Prepare for a tougher cube sequence, with faster jumps and a fake orb. This is succeeded by a triple-speed ship sequence, flying through a large passageway. The finale is a double-speed cube sequence where your jumps sync to the music.


  • Stay focused during gravity switches.
  • Watch out for fake orbs.
  • Navigate the invisible blocks in the ship sequences.
  • Sync your jumps to the music in the final sequence.

Other levels of Geometry Dash

After completing this level you can play additional levels such as:

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