Egg Dash is a rhythm action video game, developed by chipm0nk and released in 2022. Players control an egg moving through challenging levels.

Guide play

Along the way, players will have to jump over obstacles, avoid enemies and collect coins to upgrade their eggs. Players can also use special abilities to help them pass difficult levels. Coins can be used to purchase new abilities such as acceleration, flight, or immunity to obstacles. The player will be eliminated if the egg collides with an obstacle or falls off the screen. The game consists of 100 levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. Players will have to overcome obstacles such as spikes, mushrooms, lava, and more. In addition, players also have to face enemies such as birds, snakes, and bugs.


  • Use the arrow keys or buttons on the touch screen to move the egg.
  • Jump by pressing the up arrow key or touching the touch screen.
  • Use special abilities by tapping the icons in the lower left corner of the screen.

What makes Egg Dash special?


  • Blocks: The egg must jump over blocks to avoid collisions.
  • Holes: The egg should not fall into the holes.
  • Spikes: The egg will be injured if it collides with the spikes.
  • Circles: The egg must pass through the circles to receive points.

The magic

  • Levitation: The egg can fly for a short time.
  • Acceleration spell: The egg moves faster.
  • Healing spell: The egg is partially restored to its health.