Description of the game Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash is an exciting fast-paced game. The player controls a small cube that moves through spatial levels and avoids obstacles with rhythmic clicks. Different from other fast-paced 2D games, in this game you will feel the feeling of playing 3D like the real thing. You will experience real roads and you need to jump over broken roads or obstacles blocking your path. Along the way try to collect diamonds to increase your maximum score.

Your mission in this game

Your goal in this game is to pass as many levels as possible. When participating in this game, you need to concentrate to be able to practice the skill of jumping over obstacles correctly. If you miss one shot, you will end the game and start over.

After completing each level you will receive points corresponding to the distance you have traveled. The longer you go, the higher your score, and vice versa. There are plenty of levels ahead but you'll need to get enough points to unlock them. The levels will become increasingly difficult and require increasingly higher scores. Try to complete them as best as possible. To play more fast-paced games, you can join Geometry Dash World every day to have more of the best experiences!


Use arrow keys to move, jump, and duck to avoid obstacles.