Get started with the new difficulty level in Geometry Dash Bloodlust. You will experience an all-red landscape and fly rockets over diamonds blocking your path.

Introduction to the game

The graphics are created using the Pixel art style, the game is musically inspired by the song "At the Speed of Light" by Dimrain47. Bloodlust is also known as one of the most controversial mods in Geometry Dash. Some players believe that this mod is too difficult and unplayable. Others say Bloodlust is a worthwhile challenge and an achievement to be proud of for players who can complete it. This game is a testament to the creativity and skill of the top Geometry Dash players in the world.

Guide play

You will control your square block to travel through space through diamond-shaped hells in a bright red new map. Red symbolizes burning, you will discover a fiery kingdom filled with red motifs. These eye-catching patterns can make you quite confused on the way, you need to be careful and really focused to overcome them. The game is quite easy to play, but to master it, you need a lot of time and practice.

Some new features

  • Hidden blocks, which the player can only see when nearby.
  • The blocks flash, which the player can only see for a short time.
  • The blocks move quickly, which the player needs to move quickly to get past.