Description of Clutterfunk

Geometry Dash Clutterfunk is the second level of Crazy difficulty. Box sequences become increasingly difficult and require quick reactions from the player. This is the 11th level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite. Box sequences become progressively more difficult requiring quick reactions and precise timing due to the combination of small size and extensive use of spacers and rings with frequent changes in gravity. Spaceship sequences are less extensive. The single ball chain is more pressured with extensive use of rings and gravity gates.

How to complete the Clutterfunk level?


  • Jump: Helps you jump over dangerous obstacles.
  • Fly: Allows you to control your character flying through the air.
  • Activate portal: Helps you change your character's speed and move through dangerous areas.

Tips to play

  • Use checkpoints effectively to save time and reduce failures.
  • Practice and get used to interacting with different types of obstacles like sliding, jumping, and clicking.
  • Use speed gates to move quickly through difficult areas or to slow down for precise jumps.
  • Use the jumping pad to overcome high obstacles or to move to different areas of the level.
  • Use power-ups to overcome difficult obstacles or to complete levels faster.
  • Pay attention to obstacles and move your character to avoid collisions.