Geometry Tile Rush is a rhythm racing video game. The game brings extremely fast and thrilling challenges. Levels will get harder and harder over time.

Instructions for controlling geometric shapes

In this game, you will control a block and run through squares of the same color as the block. The game has a total of 30 attractive geometric levels. Each level will have different challenges that you should explore. Careful and accurate calculations will help you live longer and travel longer distances. Pay attention to the spikes as you jump over them. If you let your geometry collide with spikes, you will lose a life and end the game. There are many obstacles ahead like walls, try not to let the geometric blocks hit them. You will practice your ability to play at a better tempo when you play Geometry Dash Meltdown. Join the game and feel your music at every emotional level.

How to control

You can control the geometry with the mouse, spacebar, or arrow keys, or use the W key.

Collect stars

While traveling on the road, there will be many stars scattered randomly and you should collect as many of them as possible. But still ensures your survival on the journey. At the end of the game, you will receive points equivalent to the amount of time you moved. The farther you go, the higher the score you get. If you gain many stars, you can accumulate them for a sufficient number of stars and open the next level. You will have to earn 50 stars to unlock new levels.