Description of the game Doggo Clicker

Doggo Clicker is an idle clicker game. You need to help your dog become happier when clicking on it. The more you touch the dog, the happier it will be. This video game was developed by Denisolenison and released on August 20, 2021. At first, the doggo dog is very sad and depressed, so you need to help him be happier by touching him many times. The more and more continuously you touch, the happier and happier the dog will feel. Save lots of coins to use to upgrade your dog. To earn a lot of coins you have to click many times and continuously.

Tips for you to earn more coins

  • The gameplay of this game is similar to Pizza Clicker. The more you click, the better in this game so you need to find ways to upgrade to increase the number of clicks even more.
  • Coins can be used to buy food, toys, and other items to help the dog grow up and become happy. You can also use coins to unlock exciting new features.

Attractive features of the game

Many levels

You will explore 50 different attractive levels with 21 unique accessories that help make your dog more beautiful and unique. Try hard to increase your level and get high scores so you have the opportunity to develop even better.

Upgrade items

  • Collect lots of coins and use them to buy Paper Pointers, Paper Mouse, Paper Mouse Factory, and food for your dog. In addition, you can also buy many other attractive items in the store. You can also upgrade them to better quality.
  • When you upgrade and buy more items in the store, they will help you increase your click-through rate and increase your click revenue many times over.