It's pizza-making time in Pizza Clicker!

Pizza Clicker is a pizza maker game for pizza lovers. Accumulate lots of mini pizzas to serve your customers' needs. At the same time upgrade your store. The game is quite simple, you just need to click to create pizzas and reap scrumptious rewards. Join and strive to become the ultimate pizza making master.

Clicking and Pizza Production

The heart of Pizza Clicker is the simple act of clicking on a pizza icon to manufacture pizzas. Each click results in the creation of a delightful pizza. As the saying goes, the more pizzas you produce, the more resources and income you amass. Click to your heart's content and witness your pizza count soar!

Pizza Customization

Once you've amassed a substantial number of mini pizzas, you can utilize your earnings to enhance your pizzas by adding a variety of delectable toppings. The selection of toppings at your disposal is vast, including ketchup, corn, green olives, salami, eggs, mozzarella, tomatoes, peppers, and an array of other delectable options. You can experiment with numerous additional toppings to enhance the flavor of your pizzas.

Moreover, when you introduce toppings, the rate of producing mini pizzas per second escalates. Your earnings per click also see a significant increase. The more toppings you purchase, the more mini pizzas you can generate in a second, allowing you to craft a more exquisite pizza.

Exploring Pizza Clicker

Topping Upgrades

Elevate the quality and variety of your pizza ingredients by upgrading your cheese, sauce, toppings, and even exclusive ingredients such as gourmet mushrooms or imported olives. These enhancements not only enhance the taste and allure of your pizzas but also boost the quantity of mini pizzas you can produce.

Night Delivery

Invest in upgrading your delivery fleet to enhance the speed and coverage of your pizza deliveries. Upgraded vehicles enable you to reach a broader customer base in less time, leading to increased sales and heightened customer satisfaction. Speedier deliveries translate to happier customers, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Prestige Upgrades

Once you've amassed a substantial number of pizzas and earned prestige points, you can unlock exclusive prestige upgrades. These upgrades bestow distinctive bonuses and enhancements to your pizza production and revenue, propelling you to greater success.