How to play Vectaria?

introduction to the game

Vectaria is an extremely attractive survival game that many people play. Its gameplay is quite similar to Minecraft and you can invite friends to play with you. This game has three different game modes, each offering a unique and engaging gaming experience. Since this is a multiplayer game, gather your friends, choose a game mode, and embark on an adventure together.

Navigation and Controls

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate your character throughout the game world.
  • The right mouse button enables you to create blocks, facilitating the construction of buildings.
  • The left mouse button serves a dual purpose: mining resources and attacking enemies.
  • To perform agile leaps, press the Spacebar.
  • Employ the X or U key to access your inventory and manage essential items.
  • The G key grants access to the home menu, offering various in-game options.
  • Utilize the M key to view the spawn points within the game world.
  • Access the shop for necessary acquisitions by pressing the O key.
  • Seek guidance and understand the rules of the game with the help of the I key.
  • Engage in communication with fellow players within the same server using the Enter key. This key initiates chat functionalities, facilitating social interaction and teamwork.

Game modes

Peaceful Mode

In this mode, you plunge into the world of player versus player (PvP) survival. Your goal is to defend yourself against rival players while striving to enhance your strength. Peaceful Mode provides an exhilarating and intense experience, where strategic thinking and combat skills are pushed to their limits.

Survival Mode

Vectaria's Survival Mode offers the freedom to toggle PvP on or off, granting you the flexibility to explore the expansive environment, gather valuable resources, and construct intricate structures. Whether you opt for cooperation with friends or engaging in PvP combat, this mode strikes a balance between survival and social interaction, catering to diverse gaming preferences.

Creative Mode

For those who revel in boundless creativity, Creative Mode in Vectaria offers a sanctuary. Here, you can build without constraints, breathing life into magnificent structures and landscapes. This mode serves as an expansive canvas for you to express your artistic imagination and showcase your architectural prowess.