Helping the Little Farmer

Take control of your steering with the Traffic Jam 3D game. You will start with adventurous driving trips. Try to go as long as possible without crashing. The roads are clogged with traffic, and your mission is to navigate through this gridlock, collecting coins while deftly avoiding collisions. With skilled driving, you can earn some extra cash and come to the rescue!

How to Play

To engage in Traffic Jam 3D, maneuver using your keyboard's arrow keys or the WASD keys. These keys are managed by your left hand, while your right hand operates the mouse.

Game Controls

Arrow Keys or W, A, S, and D.

The interesting thing about Traffic Jam 3D

Game Modes

Traffic Jam 3D offers three distinct game modes. The first is the campaign mode, where your objective is to reach level 20 while striving for a high score. The second mode is the endless mode, challenging you to achieve the highest possible score and survive as long as you can without succumbing to the cars that roam the streets. Lastly, there's a multiplayer mode, enabling you to enjoy the game with friends and engage in friendly high score competition.


In Traffic Jam 3D, you can select from four unique characters, each of whom comes with varying car upgrades. Moreover, there are special upgrades at your disposal, enhancing your ability to achieve higher scores, amass more coins, and move at a faster pace. Lastly, Traffic Jam 3D includes a music feature, allowing you to play your preferred tunes on your device as you navigate the roadways. Don't forget to take part in other thrilling adventures like Pizza Tower. Surely this famous game will keep you immersed during the weekends.