If you are a lover of thrills, Subway Surfers is very interesting for you to challenge yourself. You will play as Jake and run on dangerous submarines.

Journey to escape the inspector

Subway Surfers stands out as an extremely popular endless running game that is not inferior to Geometry Dash World. Your objective is to elude a relentless inspector while navigating through a maze of fast-moving trains. This game is celebrated for its vibrant and lively graphics, seamless gameplay, and energetic soundtrack that harmonizes with the game's brisk tempo. There are many new locations, each characterized by unique settings and iconic landmarks. The game continually introduces changing environments and locales, ensuring a fresh and visually engaging experience as players progress throughout different city districts.

A Guide for Beginners and Pros

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, mastering the controls of Subway Surfers is the first step to success. Depending on your platform, you can utilize either a keyboard or mouse on your PC or simply swipe your finger across your mobile device's screen. Here are the fundamental controls:

Basic Controls

  • Left/right arrow or swipe left/right: Move your character left or right.
  • Up arrow or swipe up: Leap over obstacles.
  • Down arrow or swipe down: Slide underneath obstacles.
  • Space or tap: Activate the hoverboard.

Items that help you

  • Jetpack: Soar over trains and gather coins.
  • Magnet: Attract nearby coins effortlessly.
  • Sneakers: Jump with greater height and distance.
  • Multiplier: Boost your score multiplier.
  • Hoverboard: Shield yourself from collisions temporarily.

You'll encounter these items on the tracks or have the option to purchase them using the coins you've collected from the in-game shop.

Gather Coins and Keys

Coins serve as the primary currency within the game. They are invaluable for acquiring new characters, boards, power-ups, upgrades, and more. You can find coins during your runs on the tracks, and they can also be obtained from mystery boxes, awards, word hunts, missions, and various other sources.

Keys are another crucial resource in the game. You can employ them to revive your character following a collision, unlock unique boards, or access additional rewards. Keys can be earned from mystery boxes, awards, word hunts, missions, and similar in-game activities. It's imperative to make an effort to amass as many coins and keys as you can during each run. These resources will not only enhance your performance but also unlock a wealth of content within the game.

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Make Smart Use of Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards stand out as among the most valuable assets at your disposal. They grant you temporary protection from crashing into obstacles, and they can be activated with a simple press of the spacebar or a quick tap on your screen. Furthermore, the game offers a selection of hoverboards, each boasting unique designs and powers.

The key to maximizing the utility of your hoverboard is to use it judiciously. Avoid squandering it on the easier sections of your run. Instead, reserve it for moments when it's truly needed, such as when the path is swarming with obstacles or when you're on the verge of surpassing your high score. Also, endeavor to stock up on hoverboards by purchasing them with your accumulated coins or keys from the in-game shop, or by uncovering them in mystery boxes or earning them as awards. A surplus of hoverboards provides you with more opportunities to stay in the game, prolong your run, and achieve higher scores.

Engage with Missions and Awards

  • Missions and awards present challenges designed to put your skills to the test, offering rewarding incentives like coins, keys, hoverboards, characters, and boards. You can access these challenges either through the menu or while on your runs.
  • Missions are specific tasks that you must accomplish, either in a single run or across multiple runs. For example, collecting 500 coins in a single run or jumping over a total of 20 trains. Successfully completing missions not only elevates your score multiplier but also yields extra coins.
  • Awards, on the other hand, are special achievements that you unlock by accomplishing particular feats within the game. For instance, running a cumulative distance of 10 km or crashing into 100 barriers. Unlocking awards grants you valuable rewards, including keys, hoverboards, characters, boards, and more.

Discover Varied Worlds

The game offers an exhilarating experience that extends beyond mere subway exploration. The game transports you to diverse and distinctive worlds, each characterized by its unique themes and accompanying challenges. You can embark on adventures in cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, and many more, adding an exciting layer of variety to your gameplay.