Thrilling Gameplay of Paper Girl

Paper Girl is a driving game decorated with vivid graphics. You need to move through obstacles to get the newspaper into the mailbox correctly.

Delivering Newspapers

Your mission in this game is to play as the paper girl, delivering newspapers every morning by cycling through the town. When you reach a house, your task is to throw a newspaper into the mailbox with precision. Aim accurately, avoiding throwing too early or too late. Successfully delivering a newspaper rewards you with 100 points. Keep an eye on your inventory displayed at the top left of the screen, and be sure to collect newspapers along the way when you run out.

Beware of Dangers

Navigate through the town while being cautious of various obstacles such as oncoming cars, motorbikes, traffic barriers, traffic cones, dogs, puddles, oil puddles, and more. To avoid collisions and potential falls, skillfully maneuver your bicycle to the left or right. As your riding speed increases the further you go, reacting quickly becomes essential. Anticipate obstacles in advance and plan your moves accordingly to navigate the challenges of fast-paced riding.

Achieve High Scores

Strive to cover as much distance as possible to attain the highest score. Your final score is determined by the total distance covered and the points earned from successful newspaper deliveries.


  • Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Press the spacebar to throw the newspaper.
  • Hold the up arrow key to dramatically increase speed.