Help patients heal their wounds

Mad Medicine is a racing game between patients. Along the way collect first aid kits and other useful items to increase your character's health. This is a racing game between patients with many bandaged wounds, a quite unique and creative idea from Lipsar Studio. Your mission is to accompany your patients to overcome challenges on the track. Help them heal their wounds by collecting level records and beautiful sparkling diamonds. During the game, the patient can change the character's shape into different shapes, each shape will have its own special abilities. In addition, if you love games with racing and exploration genres, you can refer to Run 3. One of the most challenging adventure games that you should not miss.

How to win in Mad Medicine?

A few tips to help you win the game

At the beginning of the game, your character is a patient who is very weak and in a cast. Try to collect good items along the way to increase your character's health. Those items could be emergency records, diamonds, or nurses. Collecting lots of them will give you a chance to win against other patients.

In addition, you should also avoid walls, spikes, or any traps that block your path. You will have a certain amount of health. If you hit traps, you will lose health and can return to the weakest level, which is to use a wheelchair. Try to remember this and avoid losing too much health. Don't forget to choose nurses so you can recover your health up to 80%. The more nurses you ask to treat your character, the more quickly it will recover and increase its health.

How to control the patient

You just need to move the mouse left or right to control the patient, avoid obstacles, and collect healthy items.