Welcome the Halloween season

Halloween Geometry Dash is a new version imbued with the spooky spirit of Halloween. Dress up as a witch and explore the spooky scene of Halloween night.

A Fresh Theme and Unique Characters

This rendition of Geometry Dash has been crafted to celebrate Halloween, bringing forth a fresh theme and unique characters. The stage is set in a town shrouded in the obscurity of the night. Your chosen avatars are cube vampires and nimble witches who take to the skies on their broomsticks. The path before you is constructed from interconnected blocks with an uncanny resemblance to Spiderman's web. These distinctive features promise to deliver a captivating and engaging gameplay experience.

Embark on Your Perilous Journey

The adventure in Halloween Geometry Dash is as perilous as those found in the original versions. You'll encounter numerous dangers that must be skillfully navigated. Timing is of the essence as you must leap to avoid collisions with these hazardous obstacles, demanding quick reflexes and precise execution. Be aware that there are no jump pads, jump rings, or portals along your route. Instead, your mission involves collecting stars, not coins, which materialize periodically as you journey. Your goal is to amass as many of these stars as you can.

Intuitive Controls

You'll find control to be a breeze, simply hold the left mouse button to execute jumps or ascend when flying.

Exploring the Game's Levels

Halloween Geometry Dash presents an array of 7 challenging levels. Each level is readily accessible for your gameplay enjoyment, granting you the flexibility to select your desired level at any time. To hone your skills, it's advisable to commence with the easier levels before progressing to the more challenging ones. Easy levels provide an excellent platform for skill development, while the difficult levels are tailored for seasoned players seeking an exhilarating challenge.