Instructions for playing Get On Top

Prepare for an intense pushing battle! Your goal in Get On Top is to make your opponent touch the ground for a point. Be the first to score ten points to win.

Easy and simple gameplay

Play against a computer or another player, control your character, and push your opponent relentlessly. If their head touches the ground, you earn a point. Keep an eye on your own head too, hitting the ground gives your opponent a point. You need ten points to secure victory. Stay agile and jump up when needed.


  • Player 1: WASD keys
  • Player 2: Arrow keys

Game Modes in Get On Top

Enjoy Get On Top in two modes: 1 Player and 2 Player. In 1 Player mode, face off against computer-controlled opponents for solo challenges. In 2 Player mode, compete against a friend for head-to-head fun. Both modes offer unique experiences, catering to solo and social gaming preferences.