About Geometry Jump

Conquer levels with unique geometric characters in Geometry Jump. You will control a green cube, moving continuously through colorful geometric platforms. You control a geometric figure through a 2D world filled with frustrating obstacles. Your goal is to reach the finish line while you must dodge spikes, bricks, and other complex traps to get there safely. Set flags as checkpoints to restart if you hit an obstacle, but use them wisely as you only have 10 flags per level.

How to play

  • Your goal is to jump as high as possible, overcome obstacles, and collect diamonds.
  • You just need to touch the screen to control the square to jump.
  • When you touch the screen, the square will pop up and rotate 90 degrees.
  • You need to time your jumps correctly to land safely on the platforms and avoid colliding with obstacles. The game features many different types of obstacles, including spikes, saws, and moving blocks.
  • Collect diamonds to increase your score and unlock new characters.


  • Use SpaceBar, Up Arrow Key or Left Mouse Button to jump over obstacles.
  • Press F to plant the flag as a checkpoint.
  • Navigate with your mouse.

Geometric jumping tips and tricks

  • Place flags strategically for easier restarts.
  • Choose your preferred control method for a comfortable gaming experience.
  • Take breaks every 5-10 minutes to rest your eyes and brain.
  • Geometry Jump offers 15 casual game modes, each with its own challenges and soundtrack. From Gravity to Space Exploration, there is something for everyone to enjoy!