About Yatagarasu

Geometry Dash Yatagarasu is a special version of the popular rhythm platformer game Geometry Dash, created by the community and recognized by RobTop Games. As with other Geometry Dash games, Yatagarasu uses rhythm platformer gameplay. The player controls a cube that moves to the beat of the music, overcomes obstacles, and collects points.

What makes Yatagarasu so interesting?


  • Normal: Standard game mode with average difficulty.
  • Hard: More difficult game mode with faster speed and more obstacles.
  • Practice: Practice mode allows players to try difficult parts of the game.


  • Yatagarasu has background music composed by Waterflame, with a vibrant and attractive dubstep style, creating a feeling of excitement when playing.
  • The level is designed in a Japanese theme with images inspired by Japanese culture and traditions, providing a new and unique experience.
  • Yatagarasu is considered one of the most difficult Geometry Dash versions, with densely arranged obstacles and fast speed, requiring players to have high skills and good concentration.
  • Yatagarasu has a passionate and dedicated community of players who regularly share gameplay videos, guides, and tips on social media platforms.