Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse is an extremely difficult level. The game screen is fast-paced, has many obstacles, and requires players to have high skills.

Style play

  • The player controls a square block that moves through levels to the rhythm of the music.
  • It is necessary to jump, glide, and move through obstacles to complete the level.
  • The game screen is fast-paced and full of dangerous obstacles, requiring players to have high skills and quick reflexes.

Level of difficult

Slaughterhouse is rated "Insane Demon", the highest difficulty level in Geometry Dash. This level requires players to have high skills, quick reflexes, and extraordinary patience to complete. As of November 14, 2023, only 20 players in the world have completed Slaughterhouse.


  • Completing Slaughterhouse is incredibly challenging but also brings a huge sense of accomplishment.
  • Players will receive a "Slaughterhouse" badge to prove their skills.
  • Completing levels also helps players unlock other levels in Geometry Dash.