Geometry Dash Reanimation is a mobile game that combines platformer and rhythm elements. Reanimation creates a unique adventure for players.


  • Reanimation features more than 20 tracks composed by famous EDM artists, providing a diverse and vibrant music experience.
  • Each level in the game is designed in sync with the music, creating harmony between image and sound.
  • Reanimation offers more than 50 levels with increasing difficulty, challenging the player's skills and concentration.
  • The game uses neon effects and vibrant colors, creating a beautiful and attractive scene.
  • Reanimation has an active community of players where you can share achievements, create new levels, and interact with people with similar interests.

How to play

  • The player controls a square block that moves through obstacles to the rhythm of the music.
  • Tap the screen to jump, flip, and move the square block.
  • Carefully avoid obstacles and collect bonus points.
  • Complete the level by reaching the final destination.