About Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Nine Circles is a pretty cool level created by Zobros. This level is considered one of the hardest in the game, with a 10-star rating. The player controls a cube that moves through obstacles to the rhythm of the background music. The game has 6 levels, each level has a different theme and difficulty.

Geometry Dash Nine Circles was released on August 20, 2015. This level quickly became famous and loved by many players. The level has also been challenged and passed by many other players, but there are still very few people who can complete this level.

Description of level

  • The level is designed with a foundation of red circles that continuously move upward. The player controls a blocky character and must pass through these circles by jumping and dodging. Levels are fast-paced and constantly changing, requiring players to have skills and quick reflexes.
  • The Nine Circles level is the first level in the game to use the "nine circles" effect, an effect that creates red and blue circles that spread around the cube. This efekt creates a great challenge for the player, as they need to avoid the circles while also keeping the cube from touching obstacles.
  • The Nine Circles level has a black background with constantly moving white and purple circles. The player will control a square character and must pass through these circles. These circles move at a very fast speed and can cause damage to the character if touched.


  • Unique platform design with constantly moving red circles
  • Fast-paced and constantly changing
  • Requires skill and quick reflexes
  • Rated as one of the most difficult levels in the game