Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro is a terrifying Demon level created by Nacho21 in the 2.0 update. This level requires two players to participate.

How to play

You need two players to work on the same screen. Each player controls a different geometric character and must press the screen to jump or perform other actions, avoiding obstacles and dangers. Timing is very important because if you jump wrong you will fail and have to start the level over. You also need to coordinate with the other players to overcome asymmetric challenges and synchronize with each other.

Tips for you

  • Play on a small screen so you can see the whole place.
  • Practice many times to get used to the obstacles and terrain.
  • Turn on music in the game as it can help you increase your motivation and be more in sync.
  • Pay attention to the colored icons on the screen, as they will tell you what you need to do.
  • Don't give up when you fail, but try to learn from your mistakes and improve your skills.