Clubstep level description

Geometry Dash Clubstep is a difficult level and is classified as a “devil” level, meaning it is very difficult to complete. Suitable for experienced players. The Clubstep level has a geometric style design with many shapes and curves. With a background of a straight line surrounded by rectangular blocks. The player controls a small box-shaped character who jumps, flies, and flips their way through the level. The level has many obstacles, including holes, moving blocks, and attacks from enemies.


  • Good reflex skills
  • Good coordination skills
  • Ability to remember routes

Some highlights

  • Is one of the hardest levels in the game, with a difficulty rating of 10 stars.
  • Levels include complex jumps, spiked obstacles, and 360-degree spins.
  • The level uses several special sound and visual effects to add difficulty and challenge.