In Geometry Dash Badland, you have to control a cube to jump over obstacles and traps. The game is inspired by the game Badlands and another adventure game.

About Geometry Dash Badland

In this game, the player must control a creature flying through a desolate world full of dangers. Players can enjoy both gaming styles in a single game. Players can also watch videos of other players to learn skills and tips. This game can help players practice agility, concentration, and patience. This game can also bring joy and satisfaction to players when completing a difficult level.

The world of music and pixel art

  • Explore 50 uniquely designed levels with increasing difficulty, challenging your skills and reflexes.
  • Enjoy vivid 3D pixel art graphics, perfectly combined with exciting music, creating an impressive visual and auditory feast.
  • Each level is a story, a new challenge, leading you on an unexpected adventure.
  • Control the flying cube with simple yet delicate operations, requiring high concentration and smooth coordination.
  • Avoid obstacles, and overcome dangerous traps with skill and determination.
  • Collect diamonds to unlock new characters and uncover mysteries.