Diamond Rush is a game where you can test your speed and observation skills. Match at least three identical diamonds in a column or row to accumulate points.

Discover the Thrills of Diamond Rush

Diamonds of various shapes and hues populate the grid, and your objective is to make swift matches to make them vanish, earning you top scores. While the gameplay itself is straightforward, you must act swiftly, as time is of the essence. Matching the diamonds efficiently before the clock runs out is paramount. Accelerating your gem-swapping can lead to a substantial score boost, enabling you to continually break your own records.

This game is designed to sharpen your speed and observation abilities. Focus on regions of the grid where clusters of identical gems are already present to save precious time. Once you've accomplished your task, your scores and bonus points will be tallied, and you can review the number of moves you've made.

Matching Diamonds Made Simple

Control in Diamond Rush is a breeze, simply use the left mouse button to swap gems. It's a game suitable for all ages, ensuring accessibility to all players. Join the game now and set your sights on achieving remarkable scores.

Proven Strategies for Victory in Diamond Rush

Unlock the Power of Hints

Leverage hints to identify the most suitable diamonds for swapping, boosting your overall performance. However, be mindful that using hints deducts from your remaining time. To optimize your strategy, employ hints sparingly, or when the situation demands, to help you achieve higher scores. Quick thinking can turn hints to your advantage, elevating your rating.

Craft Special Gems

Creating special gems is a task well within your reach. Simply match four or five identical gems to form these unique combinations. Once you have a supply of these exceptional gems, you can unleash a cascade of destruction on the surrounding jewels. This strategic approach allows you to secure victory with the highest possible scores. Make it a priority to acquire as many special gems as you can to enhance your success.