City Z: Zombies in the City is an extremely attractive first-person shooter game. Kill all the zombies trying to attack you and find a way out of this city.

What Unfolds in City Z: Zombies in the City

A relentless apocalypse looms as a perilous virus infects humanity, transforming people into ravenous zombies that relentlessly prey on the living. You find yourself the last remaining survivor in City Z, where the protective veil of law and order has vanished. To endure this nightmarish ordeal, your only recourse is to arm yourself and combat the encroaching horde of zombies. The city's bustling streets have become the most treacherous battleground. It's time to demonstrate your survival prowess. How long can you outlast this dire onslaught?

Strategies for Survival in City Z: Zombies in the City

Navigating the city, you encounter a multitude of perils, with sinister zombies perpetually fixated on you as their quarry. It's imperative to move with cunning and vanquish these relentless adversaries.

Eliminate Zombies with Your Arsenal

You'll wield an arsenal of seven distinct firearms, seamlessly switching between them with a simple press of the number buttons. Keep a watchful eye on your ammunition, as it's finite, and be sure to scavenge for more when running low. Should your bullets run dry, your best course of action is a tactical retreat. When taking aim at zombies, it's generally more effective to target their bodies rather than their heads.

Mastering Fluid and Strategic Movement

Close encounters with zombies spell trouble, depleting your health bar with each contact. Your remaining vitality is displayed in a bar at the bottom left of your screen. You possess the agility to both run and fire simultaneously. The clock is ticking on the screen, so strive to endure for increasingly extended periods in your subsequent attempts.