If you love surprises, you can try the Basket Random game. This game has a unique gameplay that is completely different from traditional basketball games.

Description of unique gameplay

In this game, you will encounter many randomness and surprises in each match. It can be said that this game is one of the easiest games that anyone can play. Unlike traditional basketball games, you will need to adjust the angle and position to be able to shoot the ball correctly. But when playing this game you will not need any skills or tips, the only simple thing you can do is left-click to make the ball bounce randomly. If the ball falls into the opponent's basket, you will be awarded points.

Each match will have many exciting surprises waiting for you. The basketball can bounce in funny ways and your players can look downright silly with random outfits depending on the scene or weather. In each round players will be moved to different scenes such as tropical islands or snowy fields, each match is like a new adventure bringing a new feeling to the player.

Conquer random basketball matches

This basketball game has new gameplay but the graphics are in the style of the 90s. Your goal is to reach 5 points before your opponent within a certain period of time. Controlling the character in the game is quite difficult because it's all random when you click the mouse. You will control your team of two people. When you click the mouse, both people will jump together in random directions without any rules. It's like dancing puppets.

The next important thing is that you also need to protect your net so that the opponent's ball cannot reach it. You can protect by blocking the ball, and stealing the ball to defend against the opponent's attack. There are two game modes, you can play against the machine for practice or play with your friends on the same computer. Player 1 uses the W key, while Player 2 uses the up arrow key.