Introduction to the game Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run is an extremely attractive 3D endless running game. The player will control an old woman named Granny, who is locked in an insane asylum. Granny is looking for a way to escape, and the player will help her by running through the streets, overcoming obstacles, and avoiding enemies.

This is a wild ride about an angry woman on a mission, determined police officers trying to maintain order, and scores of unsuspecting residents trapped in the chaos. The characters in this game are divided into three groups: angry granny, police, and innocent victims. Playing with Gran requires quick reflexes as you navigate the main character through various challenges. The goal is to progress through official rounds, aiming to achieve the best leaderboard positions based on criteria such as Your Score, Your Coins, Distance, People Hit, and Obstacles Hit. In addition, to play more running games, you can play Geometry Dash World to enjoy more running gameplay.

Rules of Play and Scoring

The objective

The objective is to navigate through rounds, aiming to secure a top spot on the leaderboard. Your Score, Coins collected, Distance covered, and the number of People and Obstacles Hit are crucial elements contributing to your overall performance.

Guide Gran through the rounds, avoiding unnecessary collisions, especially with the police. The scoring system is based on various factors, emphasizing the need to cover more distance, collect coins, and minimize hits on innocent bystanders. Strategic gameplay will help you climb the leaderboard and showcase your skills in managing the chaos unleashed by Angry Gran.

Rules of Play

She moves forward automatically, and your only task is to control her attacks by CLICKING. This straightforward control method ensures that players of all ages can enjoy the game without any complications. However, there's a catch, you can't hit indiscriminately. While you can beat up normal citizens for points, hitting cops will lead to trouble. Stay away from them, as they will tie you up. Additionally, there are various objects on the street, like chairs, cabinets, and fire extinguishers. Destroying these objects earns you points, but be careful not to miss them, or your character may suffer from back pain or a headache, requiring time to recover.

Scoring Method

Understanding the scoring system is crucial for success in Angry Gran. The game distinguishes between Score and Coin. Both are calculated using a common formula: 13 units for hitting a person and 9 units for hitting an object. However, the difference between Score and Coin becomes apparent after completing a journey, and this difference is attributed to combos.

Combos are key in this game. When you hit multiple characters or objects simultaneously, you receive more points than the specified amount, but the number of coins remains unchanged. It's essential to grasp this concept to maximize your points. Moreover, understanding the use of Score and Coin is vital. The score reflects your achievements in each round but resets when you move to a new round. On the other hand, coins are accumulated and play a significant role in upgrading your character and purchasing new items.