Becoming an astronaut adventurer, you will find the impostor in the exciting Among Us game. You can also become an impostor and harm others.

Learn about Among Us

Playing as the impostor in Among Us is undeniably the most enjoyable role, demanding a diverse set of skills for success. The key to eluding capture is to isolate your target, ensuring no witnesses to the crime. However, if you find yourself caught by a lone observer, your ability to deflect suspicion onto them through deception in the in-game text chat or via external voice apps like Discord can be your lifeline. Impostors can also employ strategically placed vents on each map for a quick escape, but you must exercise caution to avoid being seen moving between disconnected rooms in a manner that exposes your shortcut. In addition, you can play Geometry Dash World to explore the world of rhythmic music, with many improved levels to bring out the freshness and breakthrough of this game.

Instructions for playing Among Us

Create a crew team

In the isolated setting of a spaceship, Among Us invites a group of up to 10 players to collaborate as a crew, striving to survive without falling victim to a clandestine imposter's deadly acts. Unless, of course, you happen to be the imposter, in which case your mission is to eliminate crew members discreetly.

Membership status

As a crew member, your responsibility is to accomplish assigned tasks while remaining vigilant for any signs of suspicious behavior from the imposter. Building a consensus for an accusation becomes crucial. On the flip side, if you assume the role of the imposter, your objective is to eliminate crew members while maintaining your cover and persuading the remaining survivors not to cast their votes against you, leading to your expulsion into the vast abyss. In other words, avoid appearing "sus" (suspicious).

The journey to find the impostor

It's a social deduction game in which a player assumes the role of either a crewmate or the solitary imposter. The imposter's objective is to feign engagement in the assigned daily tasks within the game while clandestinely eliminating crewmates one by one. If a crewmate stumbles upon a lifeless body, they have the option to initiate an Emergency Meeting, convening the group to engage in a discussion aimed at unmasking the true identity of the imposter.

Perform daily tasks

At the primary level, players find themselves on board a spacecraft. Here, they navigate through compartmentalized rooms, each designated for daily tasks. Both impostors and crewmates employ simple vertical and horizontal movements to progress between these rooms, diligently pursuing their unique objectives while avoiding any actions that might raise suspicions among fellow players.

Vote to guess the impostor

  • The crewmates are not entirely defenseless. They possess a critical tool at their disposal: an in-game button that, when pressed or when a dead body is discovered, triggers an emergency meeting. This meeting brings together all living players into a single room, enabling a thorough discussion. During this discussion, any suspicious behaviors can be called out, and players can point fingers at those they suspect (or have strong evidence against) of being imposters.
  • Following the discussion, a vote is conducted. Each living player has the opportunity to cast a vote for one other player they believe to be an imposter (or they can choose to skip the vote if they are unsure). The player who garners the most votes is subsequently expelled from the game. If the crewmates manage to successfully eject all of the imposters before they fall victim to them, they emerge victorious in the game.
  • Players who meet their demise during the gameplay transition into "ghosts," able to spectate and observe how the remainder of the match unfolds.