Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is a rhythm-based platformer game. In this online game, control a block pass through challenging levels filled with obstacles and traps.

About Geometry Dash World

This is a scaled-down version of the famous Geometry Dash original. This game played an essential role in developing the original when it was first released and the second time in the demo. Instantly discover exciting new and challenging levels. When you come to this game, you will experience an entertaining and addictive sound platform with trendy music tracks such as Dex Arson, Waterflame, and F-777. Moreover, you will experience unique daily quests and be rewarded after completing the missions. This game is available on mobile and PC devices.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is the original version and the first birth of a series of other Geometry Dash games to be born. It was developed by RobTop Games and released on December 22, 2014. At first release, it was named "Geometry Jump," which was later changed to "Geometry Dash", also the current name.

With straightforward gameplay, players have become addicted to its gameplay when overcoming countless exciting challenges. Games with fast-paced and simple gameplay often attract many players around the world. These game genres have been around for a long time, but their popularity has remained the same and will continue to increase more and more in the future. This game genre has been trending with young people these days and has also received a lot of positive reviews supporting this game genre. Although you may find playing annoying, simple training modes will quickly help you improve your gaming level.
The difficulty levels of the original version have been included in the Geometry Dash World version and improved in music quality, graphics, and attractive new features. The game increasingly won the hearts of fans of this game genre. Its gameplay is similar to the original version, so you will not find the difficulty or difference between them. This means making it easy and friendly for fans to access identical versions easily.

How to play Geometry Dash World

How to control the block

Tips to play Geometry Dash World

Features of this Geometry Dash game

There are 10 attractive levels in all

Geometry Dash World has 10 levels; players must play each level to experience increasing difficulty. Although there are only a few levels compared to the original, the features, graphics, and gifts have been updated and developed much better. With this limited number of levels, the stories are selective and among the most challenging for genre fans. Are you brave enough to conquer these fascinating levels? Hopefully, this game will continue to develop more and more in the future so that more people know about this engaging game.

Unique and diverse icons

There are many diverse and rich icons for you to choose from. Complete many levels to unlock new heroes and unique colors in the settings. Try to do the tasks well to own a fantastic collection of icons. When doing daily tasks, you will have the opportunity to receive secret gift boxes that are extremely attractive and will make you look forward to each new day. Use attractive rockets and start conquering the thorny tracks ahead. It would help if you kept your balance so that the missile could fly up and land safely, avoiding hitting the walls or sharp spikes around the sides of the path.

Addictive music background

The game's combination of fast-paced gameplay and catchy music marks the tremendous growth this game has to offer. Thanks to that, this game belongs to the top of the best Geometry Dash series games ever. With many challenging traps, players need more flexibility in controlling geometry quickly. Just miss a beat, and you'll be replayed from the beginning. The joy of this game is just playing and feeling the music that makes players slowly immerse themselves in the colorful fantasy world that this game brings.

Always update the scoreboard

When playing, your score will increase with the time you travel at the current distance. Your score will be displayed and updated continuously in the left corner of the screen, and the highest score you can achieve will be displayed in the right corner so you can seize the opportunity while playing.

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